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photo by Sarah Barlow

photo by Sarah Barlow

The camera was a blue instamatic 110. I was 5 years old.

I took my first photo with it and the way I looked at the world was changed forever.

Many years, cameras, film sizes, light sources, and related technologies later, with the encouragement of a photography teacher, I leapt into taking photos professionally. Now I get to share my photography with so many more people. I like that a lot.

And as much as I believe in staying in the moment – this one, right now – I also find inspiration spending time in nature, appreciating architecture, and being taken away by the magic of the movies. Beauty is all around us. Finding as much of it in the everyday as in the spectacular is what I like to do. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to take photos all over the world. Currently a majority of my sessions take place in the Chicagoland area, but don’t worry; I’m definitely up for travel.

My photography specialties include portraits, weddings, travel, & everyday life.

My photographic style is a lifestyle approach, which means blending a healthy dose of photojournalistic tendencies (capturing life as it happens) with occasional direction. This produces photos with a simple sophistication and above all – photos that look natural and real.

Sometimes they're full of activity and movement and other times they're all about stillness. But no matter what we're doing you are welcome to be yourself.  I’ll bring a fancier camera than that instamatic.

Let's go take some photos.


about you

You have your own style and It. Is. Great. You like to laugh. You’re not above dancing.

You know just how precious it is to spend time with those you care about most.

You don’t want to sit in a studio. You don’t want to hold poses that make you second-guess yourself. You want to feel relaxed during your photo session. You'd even like to have fun.

You want to capture a slice of life that is your story right now. You want photos and memories to appreciate tomorrow and all the days after that. You want to look at those photos later and say yes – that’s exactly how I was / you were / they were then


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