The New Website is Live

new lifestyle photography website

Thank goodness. 

Beings of this galaxy, I have the honor of presenting this, my new website. It was way past time. And I'm so glad it's here.

Recently I've helped several other people refine, update, or create their websites and I finally let it be my turn. I sketched out a design, wrote content, gathered photos, and then made it come to life. Reviewing 6 years of blog posts took a bit longer than I expected. Some were kept. Many were deleted. Several posts about updates to or needing to update the previous website left me shaking my head.

I've been taking photos of people, places, and things since I was 5-years-old so photography has almost always been part of who I am. I was blogging before I was a professional photographer and there wasn't much of a transition when that happened – as far as the website went. On my old site there was a lot of trial and error and a lot of html and css coding skills gained as I pushed the platform I was using to its limits – never starting fresh, instead moving things around, adding new features, taking them away... Getting perspective on all that was a bit of a challenge.

Plus I also shouldn't forget that part where I got burnt out. 

Because it wasn't just the figuring-out-as-I-went blog stuff that was piling up. It was the saying-yes-to-pretty-much-everything–without-considering-what-was-a-good-fit that piled up too. I photographed with other photographers. I photographed by myself. I learned things – both technical and practical.

And then I stopped taking photographs for a bit. 

Well, not 100%. I still took a few photos for fun. But professionally? Let's put it this way: I made my photography presence really small. Other things became my focus – gathering up the courage to leave a corporate job, exploring, voice acting, helping other people find their voices and stories through consulting. It had its ups and downs, like most anything else. But it was good to take a break. 

Now I'm back.

Welcome to the latest chapter. This is me – a lifestyle photographer who captures real moments all over the world. I find beauty in the everyday and the spectacular. I'm here for the authentic and the intentional. I take photos that show that love really is all around. Portraits, weddings, travel images... this is a big part of the storytelling I'm meant to do.

Welcome to my new website.   

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