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Ideally the farther you get along in life, the better your sense of who you are is. You let go of doing things because everyone else is doing them. You have a better idea of what brings you joy and how to attain it. 

Blue Wedding Dress - Intimate Wedding Photography by Kristin Serna -  Getting Ready

Of course it doesn't always go this way. We all have our moments of getting lost in the fray. But that makes the moments where we stay true to ourselves mean even more.

Which is why it was a honor to photograph the ceremony of Cheryl and Phil. 

Intimate Wedding Photography - Getting Ready Photos
Blue Wedding Dress & Unique Bridal Flowers - Intimate Wedding Photography by Kristin Serna
Lifestyle Wedding Portrait Photography
Bride in a Blue Wedding Dress 

They knew they wanted a comfortable celebration. They found their ceremony space in a restaurant they'd often enjoyed visiting. Their guest list would be the closest of family. Music would be played live and on strings. 

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Intimate Wedding Photography Ceremony Space 
Live Musicians - Moeller Music
Groom Preparing for the Ceremony - Intimate Wedding Photography

Their clothes would be ones that made them feel special and pleasant regardless of whether they came from a store's offerings reserved for weddings. Her flowers would let her express her creative side, a creation customized for her by a florist she'd found inspiring. The minister would bring humor and warmth to the proceedings as they committed to their relationship with each other. They'd incorporate their preference for wine in an observance that contributed to each other now as well as down the road. 

Restaurant Wedding Venue - Intimate Wedding Photography
Chicagoland Intimate Wedding Ceremony Photography
Chicagoland Intimate Wedding Photography
Lifestyle Intimate Wedding Ceremony Photos
Wine Ceremony at Intimate Chicagoland Wedding. Photo by Kristin Serna

Everyone would sit close. No microphones or attendants needed. The warmth of the room buoyed by the smiles of those around them and the sun beginning to set just outside the windows. 

Afterwards they'd enjoy dinner with everyone, taking time to sit and talk at each table. They'd share with their guests one of their favorite desserts that reminded them of one of their favorite trips together. 

Initimate Wedding Reception Photography
Wedding Toasts
Wedding Silhouette Sunset Photo by Kristin Serna

They knew what they wanted and they made it happen. Intimate weddings like this have become my favorite to photograph. Thank you, Cheryl and Phil for letting me be a part of this celebration to your friendship and love. 

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