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I think it's fair to say a majority of people don't think nature when they think Las Vegas. But there's some really cool stuff out there if you can manage to get yourself away from all the Elvi (that's plural of Elvis) and the bright lights.

Everything in Vegas tends to be pretty big, but then you meet Red Rock Canyon.

Those are people in the upper right quadrant. There's more of the rock wall that didn't fit in the photo. So yeah, it's pretty huge. The word "majesty" becomes stunningly appropriate. 

Nature makes the prettiest colors. The red in this rock comes from iron.

The animals and plants who live here are pretty impressive themselves.

If you look closely above you can see in the lower right the curvy road and the tiny cars on it.

And in the right-hand photo below you can see in the lower left 5 handprints - which were left by Native Americans to let others know there were adequate resources in the area to survive. 

The desserts in the last post were pretty impressive but these rocks really take the cake.

That's right. You've been punned. 

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