Phones, Photography, and The Moment

How incredible is it that we can take photos with our phones? It wasn't that long ago that we couldn't do that – couldn't even look at photos on a phone either. At one point back then I had an early digital camera. It was kind of like carrying a brick. While not having to carry a bunch of rolls of film on me seemed freeing, it was still a conscious decision to bring that camera out with me. During a four month period of living in England I took a lot of photos with that "brick." And from them I picked out my favorite 600 photos to print out.


London Photos by Kristin Serna

Two of Six-hundred

I can only imagine how many there would have been if I could have taken photographs with my phone too. Today we usually have some sort of device on us at any time that can capture a moment. We can look at it immediately and decide if we're good with that one or we'd like to try again. And then we can carry those photos with us nearly anywhere we go.

But it's not perfect. It's easy to miss a moment because we couldn't pull out the phone fast enough. It's easy for the shot to be blurry because the screen wasn't responding when we pushed the button. And it's so easy to miss out on enjoying the moment because your focus was elsewhere.

The last one is something I still struggle with sometimes. But it can be really amazing to just sit still and experience the sunset, instead of fussing with settings and watching it through a lens but not really seeing it. In a world of rushing about, you can choose to feel the air cool and the sky get painted with reds and oranges and be in awe of the whole thing.

So I understand why so many people want to just take photos of their loved ones with their phones. They're right there. They're doing something cute. So you just take a photo. And I encourage you to do that. But remember, when you've taken 300 shots of those dear to you, one of your subjects is near tears, you can't be in the photo, and you're getting stressed out and have no idea how you'll narrow those photos down to find the best one – there's another way.

You can be a part of that moment (whether it means being in a photo or not) and only focus on enjoying it. You can spend time with someone you love. Hear their laugh. Feel the warmth of their skin. See them for who they really are. That's what I'm here for – to  document the moment for you. And then when you look at those images on your wall, in the frame next to your bed, or even on your phone – you can relive those warm fuzzy feelings all over again. Those memories get to be yours forever.

So please keep documenting the most important people in your life with whatever camera you have. But don't forget to call me in every once in a while to help you capture some moments of your life. It all moves by so quickly. Take some time to enjoy it too.

©2014 Kristin Serna These are my words and my photos. This post should not be republished without my permission. Cheers.

©2014 Kristin Serna These are my words and my photos. This post should not be republished without my permission. Cheers.