Limited Edition Chicago Photo Prints

Figuring out the best place to sell my travel and nature photography prints is easier said than done. So I'm in a trial phase. Right now I have a pop-up shop on Etsy – or rather, I guess  a digital pop-up since pop-ups are usually brick-and-mortar retail locations. Either way I thought I'd give the concept usually reserved for fashion a go.

In case you're unfamiliar with the idea – basically these photos I put on Etsy will be centered around some theme and only be offered for a limited time. Once the month is up, they either won't return for a season, a year, or possibly they won't return at all. 

All the prints in my pop-up are printed by a professional lab on archival quality paper (a.k.a. they are niiiiiice). Shipping happens in a flat in a photo mailer (unless otherwise stated).

Chicago Prints

Chicago Print by Kristin

The current limited-time collection is four prints all taken in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. They're all 8"x10" black-and-white prints too.

I love black-and-white because it really allows you to focus on the shapes and layers in the image.

The extra kicker though? There's only one of each print available.

Go check them out. They'll be up on Etsy until March 7, 2017 unless someone buys them before then.

(Someone go buy them before then.) 

Where do you go to buy photo art for your home or workplace? Let me know in the comments.