Like That: Good Times with Makeup

Bright blue eyeshadow, bold red lipstick – this was the first makeup combo I ever wore. 

It wasn't by choice, but I didn't necessarily mind it either. In fact, I probably thought I made it look good. When you grow up studying dance and eventually theatre too, it means a few weeks or weekends of the year you go into performance mode and wear whatever makeup was assigned you.

Because of this, I never was one of those kids who runs to play in someone else's makeup when no one was looking. I never argued with my mom about when I could start wearing it or how much was too much. (Stage makeup is always too much makeup – at least for everyday wear.) 

When I started wearing makeup off-stage, I tried various brands before eventually being introduced to the Jane Iredale makeup line by my mother. It's hypoallergenic. It's dermatologist-tested. And in some ways (like sunscreen), it actually benefits your skin.

Jane Iredale makeup, photographed by Kristin Serna

Since I already like the company's mission I wouldn't mind if someone was paying me to say all this, but alas, no one is. After so many years of feeling like I was applying thick coating to my face, this brand's products help me feel comfortable (and sometimes even excited) about wearing makeup.

Recently Jane Iredale came out with something new – Mystikol® Powered Eyeliner. Touted as a powder and a cream, it intrigued me. I've tried powder eyeliner and cream ones and they both have their applications, but hello, potential multi-functionality.

Mineral Makeup from Jane Iredale, featuring Mystikol Eyeliner, photo by Kristin Serna

They have one in amethyst so that made choosing a shade to try preeeetty easy.


I like it. I like it a lot.

First of all, did you see the built in brush? It may not be 007 gadget-level, but it's still darn convenient. Once I figured out how much product I needed to get on the brush, it became really easy to use too. It has staying power and doesn't creep around my eyes as the day goes on. The color isn't too bright and I found it much simpler to fix any mistakes than you would with most cream, gel, or liquid eyeliners. The consistency's versatility means I can do a smoky eye or a thick or thin sharp line all with one product too.

Jane Iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner, photographed by Kristin Serna

I'm looking forward to when some of my other eyeliners run out so I have even more reason to check out the other three colors.

Wondering what else this brand has to offer in Makeupland? Check out the Jane Iredale website

You're welcome. ;) 

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