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When I travel sometimes I'll be super touristy for a day or so - you know, for cultural observation. Then... well then I'm off on my own path. Las Vegas is definitely one of the places I feel free to do that. And this particular path consisted of street, architectural, food, and nature photography. Totally sounds like what you think of when you think of Las Vegas, right? ;)  

Well maybe this is a bit more in line with what you might think of - the Vegas sign and Elvis. The guy on the right? Hands down the best Elvis I've seen there. The sign guy on the left? Hands down the costume I saw on the street that I would least like to wear. 

I think what you photograph on the streets of Las Vegas says as much about you as it does about the place. For example, I like Star Wars in a way that seeing stormtroopers on the street makes me feel like I'm in the right place. 

And this next one? I managed to not laugh long enough to take the photo. It's good to know they hang out together. Someone's got to look out for Elmo. 

Remember what I said about the photograph saying as much about the photographer? Obviously I'm also adorable. ;) 

I also got to see the Strip at night without the lights on, which is one of those few things that is neat to see but doesn't really make for that interesting of a photograph. Perhaps if I was in a helicopter and had a wider angle lens, but I was/did not. So with all the light coming from car headlights... I did a little literal street photography.

Next up is architecture! 

Please try to contain your excitement. 

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