Las Vegas | Travel Photos | Architecture & Food

Welcome to part 2. If you missed part 1, it was about street photography and you should check it out. There's an adorable duck in it for you.

This part is about architecture - which is interesting in Las Vegas because so much of it is copying someone else's work.

The scale and attention to detail is pretty impressive, but you're always trying to dodge signs to photograph it. 

And now we are into food - which in Vegas often is in one of two categories: buffet or art. 

I've decided I prefer the art. At Julian Serrano (above two sets) it leans towards art with the added bonus of being really tasty. 

This is rather unfortunate but due to timing I never got to eat one of those desserts so I can't tell you if they taste as good as they look. I'm going to imagine they do though.

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