Kindred Spirit Dancing | Lonely Boy by The Black Keys | Like That

This song is all over the place for me right now. About a week and a half ago I got hooked on

The Black Keys' Lonely Boy after hearing it thanks to the zomcom movie Warm Bodies (which I highly recommend and I don't even really like zombie stuff). Then I saw this music video for the first time (despite it being out for over a year) and immediately recognized a kindred dance spirit. Then The Black Keys won a Grammy for the song, (which I'm sure all my interacting with helped push right into award-winning territory).

But seriously, I have been known to dance like this. Those that have had the honor of being at a wedding reception or out dancing with me have bared witness to my interpretive dance powers. I've gotten better at containing it when needed though, so if I'm photographing your wedding it'll be small wiggles and bouncing movements. No worries. :)

Of course this video belongs to its owners and I'm just using it as a reference here, but the rest... 

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