January Inspiration

Hi, there.

Does everyone collect things that inspire them? Or is that a subset of the human population type of thing? People who like Pinterest type of thing? I don't necessarily mean physically collect (although you certainly could), but what you keep floating around in a corner of your head -- those things that you can pull up and they make you smile or make you think or... make you feel a connection.

These are those things for me this month:


The Modern Hepburn is a Tumblr that about 75% of the time I see a post on, I think "oooh. yes." I guess it's not technically just a January inspiration source; I've been following this blog for over a year and I probably will continue to draw from it in the months to come... so... yeah. And I don't know much about the woman who runs it, but I'm happy to have her as a curator of things from Tumblr-land. The image above is a snippet of the feed reader when I keep up with Modern Hepburn, the bookmarked entries I'm most drawn to. Sometimes it's photos of people dancing, sometimes it's close up images of every day objects, and sometimes it's a quote, but it's usually a reminder of the beauty all around us.


If you haven't heard of photographer Chino Otsuka's photo series "Imagine Finding Me", well then I'm here to tell you about it. First brought to my attention by Cnet, it's a project where Ms. Otsuka has digitally placed her present-day self in photos from her childhood in the '70s & '80s. She does a great job with her seamless additions and it's a neat perspective on memories and nostalgia. You can see more on her website. (image credit: Chino Otsuka)


I almost don't have words for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Ben Stiller and everyone involved did such a beautiful job with this film. I know it got some mixed reviews, but don't listen to the bah humbugs and go see it. I love the look of the movie and the kinetic energy and special effects. It makes you want to be the best you you can be. There's no doubt I'm going to buy this movie and watch it every time I need a lift. The music is such a great fit (Of Monsters & Men AND Bowie) as well as the bits of comedy slid between the serious and the awe-inspiring. Plus photography plays a part. Yes. 

I'm putting the trailer right down here for you. Watch it. And then check out The Secret Life of Walter Mitty website. It's pretty slick. 

I want to hug this movie.

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