Indoors vs Outdoors: The Photo Location Showdown

Trees. Grass. Sidewalks. Buildings. Outdoors has a lot going on. 
Couches. Your decorating style. The flowers sitting on your kitchen table. An at-home or indoor session definitely has things going for it too. 

But as I shared in “Choosing a Location for Your Photo Session”, the visuals in the background shouldn’t be your prime reason for choosing a spot. 

Here are some factors that make outdoor photo sessions great: 

Outdoor Portrait Session by Lifestyle Photographer, Kristin Serna

You know that time not too long after the sun has come up or in the evening before sunset where the way the light touches everything makes it all look so warm? That’s Golden Hour. It’s one of the times I recommend for sessions and it’s best taken advantage of outdoors. That being said, there’s also magical light created by a cloudy day. 

Outdoor Portrait Session by Kristin Serna, Lifestyle Photographer

Ahhhh. A nice dose of fresh air can be so invigorating.  

Outdoor locations usually have plenty of space to move through. Running, skipping, twirling about – all good to go outdoors. 

We can’t control the weather, but sometimes that works in our favor. A sudden gust of wind can change things up, beautifully blowing your hair away from your face or blowing it into your face and making you laugh. 

The park you picnic in every once in a while, the citywalk from a date night, the beach you visit at least once every summer – these are places that might not be part of your everyday but they still have meaning to you. 

Benefits of indoor sessions include:

At-Home Portrait Session by Kristin Serna, Lifestyle Photographer

There’s several technical reasons why window light can be beautiful. It can be soft or dramatic and it usually doesn’t shine directly into your eyes the way direct sunlight can.  All we need is at least one window (big is especially beneficial) getting a fair amount of light and we’re set. 

At-Home Couples Portrait Session by Kristin Serna, Lifestyle Photographer

Inside temperatures remain rather steady and if you’re at home you can even set it yourself. Is it raining or snowing? That’s ok. Precipitation doesn’t have much of an effect on an indoor session. 

There are usually less distractions at home than out in public. That can mean it’s easier to concentrate on the people you’re being photographed with. Your session can be as tranquil or as exuberant as you want to make it without outside influence. 

At-home sessions tend to make for a quieter environment without chance of an audience. Hello, super comfy photo session. 

It’s easy to do activities indoors during your session that are a part of your everyday life – cooking together, playing a game, reading, or even hanging out on the couch.  

So which is better? Indoor or outdoor? The truth is there are some really nice benefits to both types of photo session locations. 

There’s still a few weeks to choose whether your session is indoors or outdoors before we move to indoor-only mode for the winter. Head on over to the contact page to start planning your lifestyle portrait session. 

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