February Inspiration

It's another month and more things are inspiring me!


 I've featured Kid President on here a couple times. Kid President says it's everybody's duty tox give the world a reason to dance. I can totally get behind this sentiment. Everyone can do something that brings a smile to another person and happiness is easier to pass on when you're happy. And sometimes when people are happy... they dance. I do. Kid President does. I'm pretty sure it's not just the two of us. It's something I'm trying to keep in mind every day – to do what I can to give the world a reason to dance. You can find out more about the awesomeness that is Kid President on his very own website.


 Haaaaaave you seen Frozen? This is seriously one of the better Disney movies I've seen in a long time (from the Disney Animation Studio). I don't to ruin the story, but I'll warn you that it'll most likely give you a case of the feels. There's a lot in there for everyone. And the music.... it's clever and catchy and reminds me a lot of Wicked. It also makes me want to go to Norway even though I'm pretty sure Arendelle isn't real. 


 It's been cold outside (is an understatement) and there's nothing comfy cozy like a nice, warm mug of tea after coming inside. I love tea time. 

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