Wedding Dress Color Inspiration

We all know about the tradition of brides wearing white. It’s said that before 1840 brides used to wear colors and their dress was often one they would wear again and again. 

Queen Victoria, in her 1840 wedding dress and veil, painted in 1847 by Franz Xaver Winterhalter as an anniversary gift for her husband, Prince Albert. 

Queen Victoria, in her 1840 wedding dress and veil, painted in 1847 by Franz Xaver Winterhalter as an anniversary gift for her husband, Prince Albert. 

What happened in 1840? Queen Victoria got married. She wore white. Suddenly it was the trend. 

It’s not 1840 anymore. And I’m pretty sure Queen Victoria won’t come back to yell at you for doing what feels right for you. White was an uncommon color to choose for a wedding dress when she chose it, but she didn't care. 

There are cultural practices that can call for something beyond white too. Tradition doesn’t have to apply to what you wear though. Your wedding day is a celebration of you and the one you love. You should be comfortable. You should feel beautiful. You should feel free to show your own sense of style.

Of course off-white, antique white, eggshell, and champagne have been around as dress options for a while. They’re close to the color white but a little different. Some people will not even be able to tell the difference.

Below you’ll find some other colors to consider if you want to branch out even further. These can go with bridesmaid dresses in a darker tone or a complimentary color. As a bonus, these colors can photograph well with suits that are black, gray, or navy.


Often associated as being romantic and feminine, a soft pink can be a touch of color that brings a bit of warmth to your look. In general you can usually easily find a soft pink that looks good with your skin tone. 

1. Needle & Thread Adona Dress  

2. Chi Chi London Boundless Fascination Lace Dress 

3. Tadashi Shoji Odette Dress (BHLDN exclusive color) 

Blush, Rose, Soft Pink Wedding Dress Inspiration
Gold Wedding Dress Inspiration


Gold is regal. It can look ethereal or down-right fancy depending on the fabric/finish/texture you choose. 

1. Adrianna Papell Chevron Beaded Blouson Gown 

2. Aidan Mattox Sleeveless V-Neck Gown 

3. Adrianna Papell Beaded Blouson Gown with Sheer Neckline and Keyhole Back  


Maybe gold isn’t your style. A bit more on the trendy side currently, rose gold can combine the aforementioned soft pink and gold. Bronze or copper is another warm option. It’s a little more difficult to pair with a gray suit but copper looks great with brunette hair. If you favor cool tones, try silver.  

1. Adrianna Papell Sleeveless Chevron Beaded Gown with Godet Skirt 

2. Halston Heritage Metallic Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress 

3. Jenny Yoo 'Jules' Sequin Blouson Gown with Detachable Back Cowl

Silver and Copper Wedding Dress Inspiration
Ombre Wedding Dress Idea


Here’s a way to combine white with a color. A gradual change from either the top or the bottom along with a bit of texture can make for something that looks sophisticated and modern.

1. Pamella Roland Ombre Sequined Half-Sleeve Ball Gown, Iris/White 

2. Needle & Thread Cate Gown 

Ombre Wedding Dress Inspiration
Floral Wedding Dress Ideas


Opt for a simple bouquet (or none at all) and wear the flowers on your wedding dress. You can go with a subtle or bold design with a localized or an all-over print. 

1. Alfred Sung Watercolor Floral Print Sleeveless Sateen A-Line Gown 

2. Jenny Yoo Inesse Dress 

3. Adrianna Papell Floral Beaded Godet Gown 

Floral-Patterned Wedding Dress Idea

Follow Queen Victoria’s lead if you’d like, but remember – it’s not the only option. Choosing a wedding dress with some color could even lead you to a dress you'll wear again for an anniversary, party, fancy dinner, vow renewal or gala. And whether you wear it ten times or just once, you'll know when you put it on you're celebrating in a gown that makes you feel like your best you. 

Which idea is your favorite?