Children Portraits | The Cusicks

I can't decide if I like photographing children's portraits more in their homes or outside. There's a certain comfort level and sense of domain to the home, but there's such a freedom to outside. Whichever place we are though, it only takes a little bit for them to warm up to the camera and just let go. Kids are neat like that. They play, they laugh, they make silly faces. In a matter of minutes, they'll show you who they are.

And it sure doesn't hurt when their parents dress them in adorable, coordinating outfits. The Cusick family always does a terrific job of that and their girls always know how to have a good time. For the second year they chose to have their photos outside and we were so fortunate to have a day that turned out to be much more beautiful than forecast. Weather has a lovely way of being awesome like that sometimes.

As an added bonus there was a new face to photograph this year with the arrival of much-loved Miss Baby E!

These were just a few of my favorites. I've become pretty skilled in the past couple of years when it comes to culling photos, but this set was particularly difficult to narrow down. The running, the sitting, the standing, the laying down, the hugs, the leaf throwing, the laughter, the fake laughter - I hope you all had as much fun with it as I did. Thank you, Cusick family.

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