Child Portrait | Lifestyle Photography | Gus

A long time ago (longer ago than it was posted) in a neighborhood far, far away (ok, maybe not that far) I had the honor of photographing this guy when he was a baby.

 Turns out Gus is still adorable and still makes the best faces. Plus, now that he talks, he's a major charmer.

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One of the things I love about photographing kids is that, more often than adults, they are unafraid to be themselves and do their thing. Gus, for instance, spontaneously decided he wanted to dance. There was no music. He didn't care if anyone else was dancing. He simply went for it. 

The kid's a model and he doesn't even know it. 

But not a stuck-up model. 

Like a model who'll randomly tell you interesting things about tree bark as he models near a tree.

Gus, I hope you continue to bring joy to everyone you meet. You're one cool kiddo. 

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