Chicago Engagement Session | Brittany + Forrest

Their first date almost didn't happen. She wasn't feeling that great, but she was determined not to have to reschedule. She'd had frustrating experiences in the past trying to reschedule dates and something inside her said she couldn't risk that on this one. 

So they met up at a coffee shop in Texas. Only one of them had coffee. What they both had was a good time. And well he had a beer that had a coffee flavoring to it. He claims that sort of counts as coffee. She is still amused by this. 

Because a half-coffee coffee date led to finding restaurants they loved to eat at together. It led to walks out in nature and in gardens that became a relaxing habit. And it led to a trip to Walt Disney World where she, a former cast member, would show him around the parks for the first time. And where he would present her with a family heirloom ring and ask her to marry him.

 Chicago Outdoor Engagement Photos by Kristin Serna
 Black and White Engagement Photo in front of a weeping willow.
 Outdoor Chicago Engagement Session
 Outdoor Couple Portrait
 Black and White Chicago Engagement Photo - Kissing
 Outdoor Engagement Photo Session - Chicagoland
 Kissing Hand Engagement Photo

↑ Normally I don't go for posing, but they really wanted to try one dramatic hand pose they'd seen on the internet. This is the resulting silly-sweet moment. 

 Outdoor Floral Engagement Portrait
 Lifestyle Portraits - Chicago Engagement Session

Recently I've started asking portrait clients to describe each other using only 3 words. Brittany and Forrest immediately broke the rules.

How Brittany describes Forrest: devoted, cheerful, handsome, big-hearted, passionate

How Forrest describes Brittany: beautiful, loving, sweetheart, passionate, inspiring

 Weeping Willow Couple Portrait by Kristin Serna - Chicago Engagement Photo
 Laughing Engagement Photo - Chicago Engagement Portrait Session 
 Hugging Engagement Photo - Chicago Couple Portrait

I'm honored that I'll get to photograph their wedding. But before that I'm glad that during their trip to Chicago we got to spend some time together out in nature like they love to spend time together and document their engagement, but most of all – document how they light up with their love.

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