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At Christin & Zito's Nashville wedding, Christin's bridesmaids all wore dress that were the same color but totally different in style/cut. I've noticed more and more of this happening at weddings and I'm a big fan. It allowed for all of them to wear something that looked great on their body type, inject a bit of their personalities, and further up the chances that they'll get more use out of the dress.

The reason this looks so great is everyone is in the same shade of the color or very close to it (yes, black can have different shades when it comes to clothing), they're all about the same length dresses (around knee-length or right above) and they're all matte (aka not shiny) materials. This way they all go together without necessarily matching. You could definitely play around with the lengths but then it's more about striking a balance. You wouldn't want one long dress and three short dresses because (after the bride of course) your eyes would be drawn to the long dress as it seems immediately so visually different than the rest.

Check out how great these girls look:

Black Bridesmaids Dresses in Different Styles
Bridesmaids Show Off Their Own Style-Sense

Another version of this concept is for everyone to wear the same or similar dresses in different shades or tones. 

Elise's bridesmaids wore very similar dresses in different purples. 

Here they are in their beautiful colors: 

Bridesmaid Dresses in Different Shades of Color | Wedding Photography by Kristin Serna

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