April Inspiration

The theme of this month's inspiration is letting your joy fly... or something like that. :)


 Meet Mayhem. That's what her mother calls her. She's a 4-year-old fashion designer/model who wears dresses she helps her mother make out of construction paper, tissue, wrapping paper, masking tape, and the like. They pretty much only use supplies they already have on hand. As this photo shows, there's clearly joy in this creative mother-daughter bonding. It's a testament to imagination, to loving the process as much if not more than the finished product. You can read more about this duo on their website: Fashion by Mayhem. And here's a few more of my favorites of their dresses from Instagram: Elegant DressProject Runway Korto DressDress with Fabulous HeadpieceLupita Nyong'o Golden Globes Dress


 I think I heard about this video first on an episode of Radiolab. It's pretty much happiness incapsulated. During an expedition at the South Pole, this man comes to his last food cache. He doesn't remember what he put there, but his joy in discovering it is contagious. I mean, I dare you to watch this and not smile. This is appreciating what you have.


And then there's Isabella Rose Taylor, a 13-year-old fashion designer who is getting her own line put in Nordstrom this fall. It would be so easy to be jealous of someone being so accomplished so young, but instead I'm inspired by her finding something she really finds joy in doing and then doing everything in her power to understand the industry and turn it into a viable business. You can read a story about her here. Or check out her work on her website.

What's inspiring you this month?

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