3 Wedding Timeline Tips to Get Great Photos

Tips for Wedding Photography Timeline

There’s a lot to consider when putting the timeline together for your big celebration. And of course not everything will go exactly to plan when your wedding day arrives, but being mindful of what time is needed will go a long way. Of course this includes time for photography. Here are three things to take into consideration when putting together your wedding day timeline to make sure you have time for some great photos.

1. Have Your Details Ready

Be sure to schedule in some time for you or someone you trust to gather all your getting ready details in one general area. These can include your dress or suit, jewelry, invites, shoes, and flowers. Having these set aside makes it easier for your photographer to capture all these special pieces and it makes it easier on you because then you don’t have to go looking for anything when it’s time to put it all on.

2. Consider a First Look

When the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony, it’s typically referred to as a First Look. This can be a great opportunity to take a quiet moment for just the two of you. Since this will be a time for bridal portraits as well it can mean getting to your reception sooner too. Adding in time here to get wedding party and immediate family photos done can mean getting to participate in your cocktail hour. Then during your cocktail hour, your photographer can photograph your reception venue and its details. In my experience the flow of doing it this way tends to go really well.

If you choose not to do a First Look, then bridal, wedding party, and family portraits will all need to take place after the ceremony. Be sure to add in a little time here for gathering everyone back together as people tend to get caught up in saying hello to guests after the ceremony.

In either case, plan for at least 20-30 minutes for bridal portraits, 30 minutes for wedding party portraits, and another 30 minutes for family portraits.

3. Don’t Forget Travel Time

Are your getting ready, ceremony, and reception locations all in different places? Be sure to include time for everyone who needs to be a part of the photos to travel between those places. If any of that traveling will take place during high traffic time, make sure the schedule reflects that too.

A wedding planner can be helpful for figuring out time windows for all the day’s activities. And of course I’d be happy to help you establish a timeline that’ll let you enjoy your wedding day and get some wonderful photos in the process. 

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