Friday Awe: Hearing The Voice of a Monument

Growing up I marveled at The Eiffel Tower.

I thought if I went to only one place in all of Paris, that would be it.

And I did.

Well, when I eventually went to Paris I visited several places around the city but la Tour Eiffel was most definitely one of them.

For some reason stairs are more enjoyable to climb in Europe than anywhere else in the world and so I climbed every stair of the tower that they let you climb. I thought about how strange it must have been to see when it was first built and how iconic it is now.

I took photos of the lines of its interior and views from it. Then when I climbed back down I took photos of the outside of it. I thought of all the photos that have been taken of it, all the perspective angles it's been viewed, all the memories made around it.

But I never wondered what its voice was. How cool that someone looks at The Eiffel Tower and wants to know what it sounds like.

The Eiffel Tower's Voice


The New York Times - Video




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