What to Wear for Your Family Photos | Spring & Summer

I'm back again with another inspiration for what to wear for a family photo. As always, the rule is to go without matching.

Monochrom Family Portrait Outfit Inspiration from Kristin Serna, Photographer

This time I've picked three colors and everyone in the group is wearing at least two if not all three colors. And by choosing a neutral set, we also get this monochrome look while still keeping things interesting. 

You'll notice this time two people are wearing a pattern. My general guideline is to have no more than half your group members wearing patterns (unless you're at an advanced level of pattern-putting-together). There's some similar elements to these patterns but they're not the same. What's more one is a dark color on a light background and the other is a light color on a dark background. To further make sure they don't compete, our girl is wearing a jacket that helps break up/tone down her pattern a bit.

And our old friend texture makes another appearance, this time in a bit of shoulder detail on a blouse. 

You'll also notice our two on the ends are wearing solid button-up shirts, but the cream vs white as well as different collar and sleeve styles keep it so there's no mini-me situation going on. 

Girl #1's Outfit | Woman's Dress Girl #2's Outfit | Man's Outfit

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