Chicagoland Family Portrait Session | Emily + James + Sam

Today I'm taking a moment from running around making noises about the new Star Wars movie title to share some photos of a dear family. What seems like a very long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I did a photo session with Emily and James for their anniversary.

And now their family has expanded with Sam, possibly the most chill baby I've ever met. He was totally content with being held and talked to by his parents, who, by the way, are so good with him I'd swear this was not their first kid.

To be fair, Sam did cry once. He also took a mini break people-watching out the window from which I felt bad about pulling him away. He moved around and looked away plenty of times too, but as I've said before–that's part of what I love about photographing baby and toddler portraits. It's fun to capture a slice of time of who they were and how they interacted with the world around them.

Father and Son Portrait
Baby on the Floor Portrait
Mother and Son Portrait
Indoor Baby and Mama Portrait
Father and Baby Portrait

It was a bit chilly outside so we did most of the session indoors. A nice big window let in all the light we needed. Indoor portrait sessions are always a bit more cozy and especially so when the temperatures get low. But the colors were gorgeous outside too, so when it warmed up a little we made our dash. Sam had a pretty adorable bear suit.

Outdoor Family Portrait
Fall Family Portrait
Baby and Mother Portrait
Family Fall Portrait
Baby in Crib Portrait

Emily & James - Thank you for inviting me into your home to document some time with the little guy. I'm in awe of you two and your kindness is most appreciated. 

©2014 Kristin Serna. These are my words and my photos. This post should not be republished without my permission. Cheers.