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Yesterday kicked off Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek in New York City. I've never been to one but if I ever got an invite, I probably wouldn't say no.

About ten years ago I actually started paying attention to fashion and trying different clothing (outside of a basic t-shirt & faded jeans) to express myself. (That's before Project Runway started, but watching the show helped me appreciate the work that goes into and skill required to design clothing.) The New York & London shows are my favorite – partially because I'm more familiar with the styles of the designers who show there. While I've yet to purchase anything that's appeared on a Fashion Week runway, I like flipping through photos of the shows for inspiration. And I've already been looking at couple collections for Spring/Summer 2013 – which is kind of weird because we're just approaching autumn, but manufacturing & the trickle down effect (to clothing brands that don't typically do shows) takes time.

These are three of my favorite looks so far. One of the cool things about Fashion Week is that not every collection is a typical runway show. Some are photo collections and some are more like installations where models stand or sit, posed or moving, around a space while people walk around and look at the clothing. All three styles are represented here.

No. 1: 

Z Spoke by Zac Posen

 Spring/Summer '13: Z Spoke is a Ready-to-Wear line that's pretty approachable. Out of my three inspirations here, this is the one I'd most likely be able to wear in everyday life - of course not to go hike a mountain or anything, but you get the idea. I'm a big fan of black when it comes to clothing (Thank you, London.) and this pattern is fun without getting too "little girly". I also really like the idea of the belt on the dress along with a blazer – it's something you could easily replicate the look of without this exact dress. Plus I'm amused by how Coca Rocha is modeling it. (I'm a fan of hers in general based on Target's behind-the-scenes video of her dancing all over the place while modeling for them.)

No. 2: 

BCBG Max Azria

 Spring/Summer '13: I'm enjoying all the lines and lace-paneling of this dress. To me it's a successful mix of tough & soft that leans a bit more towards the tough side. I'm not sure where I'd wear this though; I'd probably have to invent an event. It could make for a dramatic outfit for a photoshoot too. Definitely harder to replicate this particular look without this gown. 

No. 3: 

Erin by Erin Fetherston

 Spring/Summer '13: I have to admit, part of what I like about this one is that it was an installation/gallery-type event held outside on a rooftop during golden hour (some of the prettiest light of the day). So yeah, the photo op here is pretty awesome. I also like the idea of a mostly-monotone suit with a pop of color and metallic shoes. While I like the neutral, I probably wouldn't wear what looks to be lime for the color pop, but I appreciate the contrast it provides. Plus, the suit looks pretty comfy for a suit. 

So there you go – a little Fashion Week inspiration go into the weekend. Feel free to use these inspirations the next time I'm photographing you too. You'll definitely get compliments. :) 

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