Couple Portrait | Emily and James

Emily and James are effortlessly adorable. Their style is straight out of a magazine/J-Crew/Anthropologie catalogue. Their kindness is so genuine. And their silliness makes them just that more fun to be around.

Emily and I lived in the same building in London – with her in what we referred to as the Pemberley to my Rosings. After London, Emily moved to Chicago to take part in a program and there she lived in the same building as and met James. Obviously from this we can deduce that Emily forms friendships with the coolest people when she lives in the same building as them. :)

Emily and James got married last year and decided they wanted to have a portrait of them around their first anniversary... and every anniversary after that. So exactly a year to the date of their wedding we started what will be a really cool tradition for them – a visual history of the official team of Emily and James. Their session included places they walk around and hang out in - including their new home and the steps of the place they met.

I'm such a fan of their style. You may notice we had a shoe wardrobe change at one point and from the moment Emily put them on, I felt compelled to feature them.

Thanks for a great (and stylish) session you two. And Happy Anniversary (again)!

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