Walk for Children's Memorial Hospital | Charity Event Photography

These photos are highlights from a wonderful event that raises money for Children's Memorial Hospital and the kids who need to go there. Everything fell into place this year for me to photograph this walk. I was in town and available. The skies got pretty dark at one point, but we managed to get away with just a misting of rain. And I was familiar enough with the area that the challenge of shooting an event on the move became a fun game of when should I run, when should I walk backwards, and who haven't I photographed yet.

Above all though, it was a honor to participate in this event -- due in part to the fact that this charity walk is in memory of a childhood friend who passed away too soon. I met her in dance class back when we were tiny ballerinas and tappers. As we got older, we eventually found ourselves moving in different directions. We were rarely in the same clubs and she'd moved away from the dance classes I kept taking. By the time college rolled around, we were at different schools and had almost lost touch completely. I think in the back of my mind I'd figured she'd always be there. And I guess in a way, she still is. She lives on in all the photographs we have of our little dancing group -- sometimes in the most ridiculous costumes (like the one time we were sheep). She lives on in my memories of a small but mighty energetic tap dancer. And she lives on through this walk -- where her desire to help a place that helped her as a child is still going strong.

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