What I Saw: The Early Show in NYC

Photographing CBS' The Early Show and its set was one of my New York City highlights. It's neat to watch a TV show come together live. I also had the pleasure of meeting some very nice (and entertaining) people who work behind the scenes. There was a sweet musical performance from Katie Armiger. And, as you'll see below, there were plenty of interesting people in the audience to photograph too.

Hosting the day I photographed were Chris Wragge and Rebecca Jarvis.

Here's Katie Armiger and her band. And yes, those are multiple Lady Gagas watching her.

Here's a bit more of the "Gaggle of Gagas." I love the claw hand of the one in the photo with Rebecca Jarvis. 

After the show is over, you can stick around for a free tour of the studio given by Sarah The Awesome Audience Coordinator. She gets the best arm workout six days a week.

Special thanks to Sarah who was especially helpful in suggestions of where to stand and brought me around with her. I hope I can stop by again and photograph another show some day. If you're ever in New York City and are looking for some entertainment in the morning, stop by The Early Show. It's free. If you want you can probably get your face on TV. And there's a certain audience coordinator who will be happy you stopped by.

This concludes the What I Saw: New York City series... for now.

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