What I Saw: Central Park | NYC

I've said before that I like to take photos of people taking photos.

Well, that statement is also true in Central Park. 

This is Strawberry Fields, a portion of the park dedicated in memory of John Lennon. The amazing thing about the Imagine circle in particular is the amount of respect that surrounds it. Notice how everyone stands a few steps back from it. And if someone wants their photo taken in the circle, people (gasp!) patiently take turns. Someone quietly plays Beatles songs on a guitar on a bench nearby. No one raises their voice. People watch over the area. Look at it. 25 years after the place was inaugurated, the mosaic is in terrific condition. It's almost too rare a sight.

So as much as I appreciate all the architecture and buzz of New York City, I like a green space now and then. Central Park definitely fulfills, providing some beautiful green spaces with  little pops of architecture.

And then this is where Central Park gets really neat... where the skyline collides with the green tranquility. It's not just that it does; it's the way it does. I love a good dichotomy, so I may sort of/totally love this next photo.

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