The 5-Year-Old Photographer

So there once was a 5-year-old who was given her very first camera.

It was by Kodak. It took 110 film. And, most importantly, it was blue.


She used it to capture places so she could take them home with her. But every photo required a big decision. Which places should be chosen? Film was such a precious commodity. She had to choose the right thing to photograph at the right time.

Yes, even at five years old this photographer knew the importance of rationing and the decisive moment (even if she didn't know the terms).


In case you haven't guessed yet, that 5-year-old was me. Photography has always been a hobby of mine. Recently it's grown into something bigger. And I think I might still have that camera somewhere. If I find it, I'll photograph it and post it here.


Welcome to my blog.

I'm Kristin and I take photos.

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