100 Years of Wedding Cakes

Mode.com has done it again. In case you haven't heard of them before, they're a website that has been making videos that go through 100 years of trends in certain categories. Their latest is 100 years of wedding cakes. 

Even if it's reducing a whole decade to just one style it's still interesting to see something that was considered stylish in its time as well as the changes that happen over the years. Minus the bride dragging the groom cake topper. If you like that one, I'm probably not the wedding photographer for you.

Of course these days a wedding cake doesn't necessarily have to look like any of these. I've seen a cake wrapped in fondant recreations of love letters the couple wrote to each other over the years. I've seen a table of the couple's favorite desserts in mini form. I've seen weddings with a giant candy bar and/or a cupcake tower. Cupcake tower has the bonus of getting to decide between mini cupcakes, standard-size, jumbo cupcakes, or ALL THREE. Plus it's an opportunity to offer several different flavors.

Here's simply a few of my favorite wedding cakes and wedding desserts I've photographed.

Whether you're up for one of the aforementioned, one of PopSugar's 15 Wedding Dessert Alternatives, or you want a cake that looks like an amazing amethyst geode – you have to pick what suits you (and your budget) best. What do you find yummy? What do you want to share with your those dear people you invited to join in this celebration with you? 

If you're married already, feel free to share what kind of dessert you had at your wedding. Let's generate some ideas. 

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